We Represent

We proudly represent the following companies:

DR Joseph

Tools to maximize bubble cooling capacity and stability, including:

  • Internal bubble cooling systems
  • Non-IBC layflat sizing systems
  • Gammatec bubble calibration cages

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Oakland Instruments

Laboratory test equipment, including:

  • Bench top gauge profilers (contact and non-contact models)
  • Coefficient of friction testers
  • Free falling dart impact testers
  • Elmendorf tear testers
  • Free shrinkage testers
  • Tensile testers
  • Opacity meters
  • Melt flow index testers

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Complete Winding Solutions

Customized downstream equipment, including:

  • Nips and collapsing frames
  • Surface winders
  • Center-driven winders
  • V-folders

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Tools to optimize screw and die performance, including:

  • Extruder optimization
  • Die optimization
  • Troubleshooting

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HCH. Kündig & Cie AG

On-line gauge and width sensors, including

  • Single point capacitance systems
  • Rotary capacitance systems
  • Film and sheet edge sensing systems

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