Plastics Touchpoint Group supplies practical solutions to common problems faced by film manufacturers and converters. Are your scrap rates too high? Is your production rate going down? Are you suffering from more quality complaints? Our Training service will assist your factory personnel to solve problems on their own.


  1. Minimize scrap.
  2. Minimize changes to production schedule.
  3. Understand what can be done right away, and how the problem can be prevented in the future.

Typical problems include:

  • Film defects.
  • Roll defects.
  • Bag defects.
  • Film gauge variation.
  • Film strength.
  • Optical properties.
  • Barrier properties.
  • Print quality.

Services include:

Coaching Service

Many problems require only a few minutes discussion by phone. You can arrange for this service in advance for a nominal fee. You are billed only for the time you spend on the phone receiving advice. This service offers quick answers to urgent problems.

Detailed Troubleshooting Service

More complex problems may require analysis of samples or on-site inspection of production facilities. Our experts will complete the hands-on troubleshooting quickly and efficiently. Solutions and recommendations are explained in easy to understand language.