Legal Services

Technical experts are critical when legal issues are involved. Plastics Touchpoint Group has offered assistance in several legal cases, ranging from patent disputes to package failure. This is often referred to as “expert witness” work. Most cases are settled privately without a trial. Plastics Touchpoint Group does not charge for initial phone conversations.


  1. Access to senior industry experts helps win cases before going to trial.
  2. Reports are easy for non-plastics experts to understand.
  3. No delays because reports are completed on time.

Our services are often requested for the following types of cases:

  • Patent infringement.
  • Industrial accidents with extrusion or converting equipment.
  • Performance failures during conversion.
  • Failure of finished product in the field.

Services include:

  • Review and comment on written materials.
  • Inspect production facilities.
  • Assess technical capabilities of production facilities and personnel.
  • Evaluate performance limitations of packaging structures.