Factory Audits

How efficient are you compared to your competition? Are you searching for someone who can answer your questions without buying new equipment? Plastics Touchpoint Group offers a range of services to assess the efficiency of blown or cast film extrusion and converting factories. Recommendations are unbiased because Plastics Touchpoint Group does not represent any equipment suppliers. Inspection is completed without interrupting production schedules.


  1. Find out how your company compares to industry standards.
  2. Make informed investment decisions.
  3. Maximize your plant efficiency.

Services include:


Plastics Touchpoint Group uses industry-accepted criteria to measure the productivity of blown and cast film extrusion lines. These criteria are used to evaluate:

  • Extruder screw pumping efficiency.
  • Die production efficiency.
  • Minimum and maximum film gauge limitations.
  • Film gauge variation limitations.
  • Minimum and maximum film width (blown film lines).

Equipment Inspection

Equipment malfunctions can affect output capacity and product quality. Plastics Touchpoint Group experts inspect production equipment for:

  • Safety hazards.
  • Damaged equipment.
  • Incorrect set-up.

Plant Layout Evaluation

Efficient flow of material through a production facility is critical to overall profitability. Plastics Touchpoint Group experts inspect methods to handle:

  • Raw material.
  • Work-in-progress.
  • Finished goods
  • Packaging materials.