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Plastics Touchpoint Group, Inc. was established to meet the growing demand for expertise in the flexible packaging industry. The company focus is on blown film extrusion, cast film extrusion and film conversion operations. Plastics Touchpoint has worked with clients throughout North America, South America, the Middle East and Africa.

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Upcoming Events

Troubleshooting Blown Film Extrusion Operations – May 17,18 – Chicago
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Basics of Plastics – June 20, 2012 – Toronto
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Blown Film Troubleshooting – Practical Strategies
30-31 August 2012, Jarkarta, Indonesia
3-4 September 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
6-7 September 2012, Bangkok, Thailand
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Plastics Touchpoint Group supplies practical solutions to common problems faced by film manufacturers and converters. Are your scrap rates too high? Is your production rate going down? Are you suffering from more quality complaints? Our Training service will assist your factory personnel to solve problems on their own.

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Factory Audits

How efficient are you compared to your competition? Are you searching for someone who can answer your questions without buying new equipment? Plastics Touchpoint Group offers a range of services to assess the efficiency of blown or cast film extrusion and converting factories. Recommendations are unbiased because Plastics Touchpoint Group does not represent any equipment suppliers. Inspection is completed without interrupting production schedules.

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Training Services

Who makes the profit in your company? It is the people who actually produce the product your customers buy! Film extrusion and converting is a complex process with many pitfalls. The most cost effective way to increase profits is to train production staff properly. Plastics Touchpoint Group offers customized training in English and French. Programs are available at Introductory, Basic and Advanced levels.

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Our Expertise

Learn how to grow and prosper in an increasingly competitive world.

Plastics Touchpoint Group, Inc. was established to meet the growing international demand for expertise in the flexible packaging industry. Our experts can assist you with all aspects of plastic extrusion, film production, laminating, printing and bag making. Let the experts at Plastics Touchpoint Group show you how to increase your profits!

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We Represent

Plastics Touchpoint Group produly represents the following companies.

DR Joseph - Tools to maximize bubble cooling capacity and stability

Oakland Instrumnents - Laboratory test equipment

Complete Winding Solutions - Customized downstream equipment

Compuplast - Tools to optimize screw and die performance

HCH. Kündig & Cie AG - On-line gauge and width sensors

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Our Publications

Our collection of articles devoted to the flexible packaging and film converting industry.

Our Published Book A Practical Guide to Blown Film Troubleshooting
A book about how to improve quality and productivity when running blown film lines

Our Published Articles Our Published Articles
A series of articles devoted to the flexible packaging and film converting industry.

Ask an Expert Ask the Expert
Let us answer your questions about flexible packaging, blown film, cast film and film conversion.

Test Your Knowledge

Take our test on the key concepts of blown film processing. The results are always kept confidential. Each participant will be assigned a confidential identification number. Results will be published by identification number and question. Click here to take the test.

What our clients say

I was quite impressed by Extrusion Dept staff knowing not only what to do while working through various problems but “understanding” why a chosen solution would work. Here we are several months later, the information has been retained and people can find solutions through your manuals. Your training has been a big help.
Carlton Moore - Plant Supervisor - Farnell Packaging Ltd